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About our Program...
At PSFC, we believe that parents are their child's first and most important teacher. We are partners in your child's development and the services provided in our program will involve your entire family. In its overall goal of “social competence,” PSFC provides the best early care and education experience available for your child. This means that our priority is to help you and your child obtain the skills and the resources you need to succeed now and in the future. We will accomplish this goal as we work together. Our goals are to:

  • Support you in your role as your child’s most important teacher.
  • Offer a safe learning environment that is individualized and that will help your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.
  • Offer assistance to you in meeting any special problems that interfere with your child’s learning.
  • Assist you in making sure that your child is healthy and ready to learn, and help you to choose a healthy lifestyle.
  • Assist you in making sure that your child grows strong physically through good nutritional practices.
  • Support you in your efforts to meet your family’s needs.
  • Support your own lifelong learning.
  • Assist you in times of crisis.
  • Assist you in making connections that help you meet your goals.
  • Help you connect with others in your family, to other parents in the program and in your neighborhood and community.
  • Assist you in your efforts to create and sustain the kind of neighborhood/community that you want for your family. 

PSFC staff is committed to the best practice and highest quality in delivering services. All classrooms are licensed by the PA Department of Welfare or Department of Education, and all staff has state required qualifications, including education and experience in working with children and families. All eligible classrooms have a Keystone Stars Four Star rating and are accredited by “National Association for the Education of the Young Child.” Both of these credentials assure that your child is enrolled in a high quality early childhood program maintaining the highest standards in child care.

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