Helping Kids From Start To Success.

InfantCare. ChildCare. TeenCare. CareerCare.
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Helping Families
Helps Everyone.

At PSFC, helping families succeed and thrive is our reason for existing. We believe that assisting a family in need starts a ripple effect that reverberates throughout the community and raises the quality of life for all.

By helping people today, we bring them hope about the possibilities within their reach.

We Support Young,
Old & In-Between;
There’s No Generation
Gap Here.

PSFC provides children with education and care. Support for parents. Assistance for seniors. Mentoring for young people. And so much more.

For more than 50 years, we’ve served the evolving needs of families. We invite you to share our story, learn more, and get involved; so that families can experience, Hope. Within Reach.

One Stop
That Stops The Run-Around.

PSFC is a single resource for family assistance that connects people with multiple services and helps reduce the hassles associated with them. Our highly-trained staff swaps out frustration with clear, concise information making it easier to be put to use. Along with compassion and empathy, we are better able to meet their goals. We put more easily accessible services conveniently within their reach.