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    I understand that if I am selected for the position for which I am applying, I will be an employee at-will, and that, if I am employed, both the Company and I remain free to terminate our relationship at any time and for any reason. I further understand that no representative of the Company has the authority to make any agreement to the contrary, acknowledge that no contrary statements, representations, or promises have been made to me, and am aware that such Company documents as employee handbooks, personnel policies, and the like, do not constitute contracts of employment between me and the Company.

    I certify that the information contained in this application is true and I understand that if any of it is found to be false, my application may be rejected or I may be discharged from employment. I grant the Company permission to investigate my personal, educational, and employment history and to contact persons, organizations, institutions, or government agencies who may have knowledge of me.

    I acknowledge that I have the right of appeal in the decision of job hiring by writing to the Executive Director who will inform the Policy Council at Monroe County Head Start, 212 West Fourth Street, E Stroudsburg PA 18301.

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    I acknowledge that all information submitted above are true.