A Hopeful Way To
Enrich Childhood Development

A stronger beginning today
can mean a brighter future tomorrow.

Infant & Toddler Care

A safe and happy environment for those too young for school. A big help for working parents.
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Preparation For Kindergarten

Paving the road to success in school starts before kindergarten —with learning, sharing and fun.
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School-Age Support

With hours before and after school, children of working parents can get a good start to their day, receive help with their homework, and more.
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YES (Youth Empowerment Services)

Students helping younger students succeed is a great benefit for both. Older kids become role models, younger kids become inspired.
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One Stop
That Stops The Run-Around.

PSFC is a single resource for family assistance that connects people with multiple services and helps reduce the hassles associated with accessing them. Our highly-trained staff swaps out frustration with clear, concise information, making it easier to use. With compassion and empathy, we are better able to meet their goals. We put easily accessible services conveniently within reach.