Youth Mentoring

Students helping younger students succeed
is a great benefit for both. Older kids become
role models, younger kids become inspired.

When a high school, college or university student mentors an economically disadvantaged or disabled preschool-aged child, it’s a total win-win for both. With early education and literacy training geared towards these children’s special needs, our staff instills compassion, patience, and tolerance in young mentors. At the same time, mentors get the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile for their community and making a difference in the life of a child. As for the children — they get to spend quality time with a “big kid” who’s always happy to read to them (and be read to), teach them, listen to them and be a positive role model they’ll be eager to follow. More than 600 youth have participated in PSFC’s Youth Mentoring Initiative — and each has learned as much from these children, as the children have learned from them.

For information, contact Chris Grape Garvey, Community Resources Coordinator
Call 570.421.2711, ext. 238 or email