For Family

Family engagement

We’re all in this interactive process together as staff and families work towards achieving the goals that families and children set for themselves.
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Parenting Education

Parents learn how to best nurture their child’s health, development, and learning; and ultimately succeed at the hardest and most rewarding job in the world.
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Financial Literacy training

How to better save money. How to better spend money. How to create a budget. Finances don’t have to be rocket science when everything is clearly explained.
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Parent/Family Meetings and Networking

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Grandparents Club

The special needs of seniors and caretakers are always on the agenda; now both can get more out of day-to-day life.
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Health Literacy training

All the basics and more are covered, so that maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes more naturally.
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Diaper Bank

Providing clean diapers to families in need can help make sure that every baby gets a better start in life.
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One Stop
That Stops The Run-Around.

PSFC is a single resource for family assistance that connects people with multiple services and helps reduce the hassles associated with accessing them. Our highly-trained staff swaps out frustration with clear, concise information, making it easier to use. With compassion and empathy, we are better able to meet their goals. We put easily accessible services conveniently within reach.