Parenting Education

Parents learn how to best nurture their child’s health, development, and learning; and ultimately succeed at the hardest and most rewarding job in the world.

Parenting would be a lot easier if children were born with instruction manuals. All the answers would be at your fingertips, so you’d feel more relaxed and confident.

With this class, qualified and experienced PSFC staff dedicate themselves to making you feel more confident about your parenting abilities. Support, guidance, and encouragement combined with fostering close parent-child interaction and child development all play their part as parents learn how to master the most worthwhile job in the world.

This PSFC course consists of 10 weekly two-hour sessions; each filled with helpful instruction along with an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of being a parent.

For information, call or email:
Amber Koert, 570-421-6482, ext.246